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Rotonda a mare

Rotonda a mare Senigallia

The Rotonda has been the symbol of Senigallia beach since 1933 and it is the heart of culture and nightlife.

In 2006 the Rotonda was reopened to the public after restoration and renovation work and since then every year, on 14th July, we celebrate its birthday with "the Night of the Rotonda".

The Fortress "Rocca Roveresca

Rocca Roveresca Senigallia

The Rocca Roveresca is the town's symbol and it is 15 minutes walk from the hotel, in front of the railway station.

During events as Summer Jamboree and Pane Nostrum the moat of the fortress hosts stands, dance floors and thematic areas of the events.

Foro Annonario

Foro Annonario Senigallia

The Foro Annonario is another symbol of Senigallia.

It is the historic site of fruit and vegetable market of our town and during summer events it becomes the impressive backdrop to concerts and shows.

The Arcade "Portici Ercolani"

Portici Ercolani Senigallia

The arcade runs along the right bank of the river Misa, a striking sequence of one hundred and twenty six arches in Istrian stone.

Every week they house stalls and little markets expecially during the Fair of St. Augustine (28-29-30 August).

Archaeological site "La Fenice" (out Fenice Theatre)

Archaeological site "La Fenice"

In 1989, during work on the foundations of the new theatre "La Fenice" important Roman ruins were discovered along with other archaeological finds, now all exhibited in this fascinating site.